About Us

Abacus Engineering Solutions (ABACUS) has been involved over the past 15 years with the design and manufacturing of various types and sizes of lifting and winching equipment. Winches as small as 500 kg capacity up to winders with 20,000 kg (2400 m rope length) have been designed, manufactured and supplied.

ABACUS was officially found in 2009 as a diversified division of Holt Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd (HCE) -established in 2001. HCE have been involved in various equipment and plant designs, which led to identifying the need to supply custom designed equipment.

A need for the following was identified:

  1. Supply of certified equipment that is designed, manufactured and installed by certified engineers.
  2. Supply of high quality equipment that complies with ISO 9001 standards.
  3. Supply of equipment that is custom designed to the client’s needs.


To provide a global partner in design, manufacture and product solutions to the field of Mechanical Structural Engineering.


On any day, at any plant, in any town, an ABACUS solution should be trusted